Manicured Gardens

Manicured Gardens

An Oasis Right At Home.

Observing the beauty of nature can do wonders for the healing process. At MediLodge of Okemos, we infuse every aspect of our surroundings with comfort. Due to careful attention to detail, our well-cared-for, pleasing gardens are a relaxing space. Because of the many health benefits, our staff always includes outdoor activities in our residents’ weekly schedules.

Nature heals. While a quiet garden stroll is known to awaken feelings of happiness and peace, research has gone a long way to prove this fact. Because our appreciation of nature is genetic, it is deeply rooted. For example, did you know that those who get a natural view from their hospital bed recover sooner than others? It explains why we crave time to figure out things amidst nature when stress levels are high.

Nature and Health

Nature helps in emotional regulation and improves health in many ways.Time spent outdoors with a backdrop of our pristine gardens helps to do the following:

Of course, we are always available to answer your questions and help make your loved one more comfortable. Contact us to schedule a tour, and we’ll be happy to show you firsthand why MediLodge of Okemos has earned its high ratings and reputation for excellence.

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