Kindness Rocks Project

Kindness Rocks Project

Kindness is Contagious. 💕We truly believe this at MediLodge of Okemos.

In our attempt to genuinely absorb, appreciate, & act on this message, our facility has registered to be a part of the Kindness Rocks Project. We have designated two locations on the outside of our building to uplift and celebrate all who live here, work here, and visit here.

The intention is simple: to create kindness for unsuspecting recipients dropped along the way because, “One message at just the right moment can change someone’s entire day, outlook, or life!”
Be part of the movement!
As we come together to form an interactive space to work through difficult times and to create inspirational messages, providing comfort for one another, our residents, and the community!
If you are interested in helping #TeamOkemos and The Kindness Project by helping us paint rocks of kindness, inspiration & encouragement please contact Michelle Campbell for more information!

To all staff:
There are Kindness Rocks Supply kits available (while supplies last) if you are wanting to participate, but do not have the supplies. There is also a sign-up sheet in the event that we do not have kits readily available.

The kits and sign-up sheets are located in the Employee break lounge.
Please see Michelle (Admissions) for any questions.


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